Zong Internet Packages

Zong Internet Packages

The company offers a variety of different Zong internet packages. There are daily, weekly, monthly and social bundles for Zong internet users.

Zong started its 4G service several years back. They have the largest 4G coverage. All the major Rural and urban areas of Balochistan, Punjab, Sindh, and KPK are covered. Customers can also use zong internet in Kashmir. It is recently that the service has started before that Azad Kashmir has no zong signals.

People in Kashmir do use different PTCL internet packages. There are other separate networks working in the valley too.


Package NamePriceVolumeDurationActivation Code
Daily Basic 15 Rs 100MB    Midnight the same dayDial *6464#
Daily Data Max35 Rs500MBMidnight the same dayDial *6464#
Zong Day Time Offer12 Rs1200MBExpires at 7 PMType “DTO” and send it to 6464
Zong Good Night offer12 Rs2.5GBExpires at 9 AMType”GNO” and send it to 6464
All-in-1 Daily20 Rs 40MB, 40 On-net Minutes, 4 Off-net minutes, 400 SMS24 HoursDial *6464#


Package NamePriceVolumeDurationFreebiesActivation Code
Super Weekly Offer120 Rs2.5GB7 Days Dial *6464# and follow the on-screen instructions
Super Weekly Plus160 Rs5GB7 Days Dial *20#
Super Weekly Max200 Rs10GB (5GB available only between 4 AM to 4 PM)7 Days Dial *220#
Zong Shandaar Weekly Offer75 Rs350MB7 Days50 off-net minutes, 1000 On-net minutes, 1000 SMSDial *7#
All-in-1 Weekly150 Rs700MB7 Days700 On-net minutes, 40 Off-net minutes, 700 SMSDial *6464# and follow the on-screen instructions
Haftawar Load Offer180 Rs1500MB7 Days1500 On-net minutes, 70 Off-net minutes, 1500 SMSDial *70#


Package NamePriceVolumeFreebiesDurationActivation Code
Monthly Mini 150Rs 50150MBN/A30 DaysDial *6464# then press 4
Monthly Basic 500Rs 150500MBN/A30 DayDial *6464# and press 4
Monthly Premium 3GBRs 3003GB 30 DaysDial *6464#
Monthly Premium 12GBRs 71712GB for the entire month1GB daily from 1 AM to 9 AM30 DaysDial *6464#
All-in-1 Monthly OfferRs 4992000MB2000 On-net minute, 150 Off-net minute, 2000 SMS, 2GB WhatsApp30 DaysDial *50#


Package NamePriceVolumeDurationActivation Code
Social Pack (Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter)Rs 10100MB24 DaysDial *6464# and follow on-screen instructions
Classified Pack (Daraz, Lamudi, Kaymu, PakWheels & Carmudi)Rs 550MB24 HoursDial *6464# and follow the on-screen instructions
Facebook DailyRs 550MB24 HoursDial *6464#
Social Pack (WhatsApp)Rs 25Unlimited30 DaysDial *247# to subscribe for the offer.


Add-OnPriceVolumeAd. VolumeActivation Code
Basic Add-on10 Rs30MB10MBType “ba” and send it to 6464
Premium Add-on20 Rs80MB10MBType “pa” and send it to 6464


Package NamePriceVolumeDurationActivation Code
Monthly Mini – 150MB50 Rs150MBTill the Billing Cycle endsDial *567#
Monthly Basic – 500MB150 Rs500MBTill the Billing Cycle endsDial *567#
Monthly Premium – 1GB250 Rs1GBTill the Billing Cycle endsDial *567#
Monthly Premium – 2GB350 Rs2GBTill the Billing Cycle endsDial *567#
Monthly Premium – 4GB500 Rs4GBTill the Billing Cycle endsDial *567#
Monthly Premium  – 10GB1800 Rs10GBTill the Billing Cycle endsDial *567#
Monthly Premium Plus – 20GB3500 Rs20GBTill the Billing Cycle endsDial *567#
Basic Add On10 Rs100MBTill the Billing Cycle endsDial *567#

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