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Mobile Network Super Cards

Here are the details for the Ufone, Jazz and Zong Super card packages. Find information regarding Pakistan’s best mobile network super cards.

Ufone Super Card Packages

Check out the detail of the package of your favorite Ufone Super card.

Ufone Plus 599

 Off-Net Minutes180
 Internet (2G & 3G)1500 MBs
 U-U & PTCL Minutes1200
 To subscribe dial*250#

Ufone 550 (old 520)

 Off-Net Minutes150
 Internet (2G & 3G)1200 MBs
 U-U & PTCL Minutes1000
 To subscribe dial*240#

Ufone Mini 330

 Off-Net Minutes75
 Internet (2G & 3G)600 MBs
 U-U & PTCL Minutes500
 To subscribe dial*230#

Ufone Super minutes

All Networks Minutes100
To subscribe dial*210#

Ufone card load RS.50

 Off-Net Minutes10
 Internet (2G & 3G)100 MBs
 U-U & PTCL Minutes300
 To subscribe dial*300#

Jazz Super Card Packages

The fastest 4G company of Pakistan offers some amazing Jazz super card packages.

Jazz Plus RS 1000

Monthly Super Duper Plus 
Jazz Warid4000 Minutes
Other Network200 Minutes
Subscription Code*707#
Un-Subscription Code707*4#
Check Status*707*2#
Get Information*707*3#

Jazz RS 600

Monthly Super Duper 
On-net3000 Jazz+Warid Minutes
Off-net100 Minutes
Subscription Code*706#
Check Status*706*2#

Zong Super Card Packages

Here is the information regarding the popular Zong Super Card RS 500. The company has the largest 4g coverage in Pakistan.

Recharge RequiredRs 499
Zong to Zong Minutes2,000
Other Operator Minutes150
Mobile Internet (MBs)2,000
Whatsapp2 GB
Validity30 Days
Activation Code*50#

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