WSSP Bill Generator

This page allows you to generate a WSSP bill online. The service is only available for WSSP customers in KPK province, Pakistan.

WSSP stands for Water Sanitation Services Peshawar and its core business is to provide a universal approach to potable water, sanitation facilities, and a sustainable environment aligned with international service standards, eventually improving the quality of life of its consumers.

43 Union Councils (UCs) – mainly in Peshawar’s urban areas – are under WSSP jurisdiction. Keeping potential widening and spread in view, an extra 33 UCs have been included in WSSP’s jurisdiction comprising of areas that are within Cantonment, Peshawar Municipal Corporation, and Peshawar Development Authority. The area within WSSP jurisdiction is approximately 105 km2.

The main objectives of WSSP include; supply of continuous clean drinking water, improving solid waste management i.e. improving collection up to 85% along with efficient sewerage and drainage system, and rehabilitation of wastewater treatment plant.

Some of WSSP’s major accomplishments are:

  • Water Quality Surveillance through the third party  (1200 test/UET Peshawar)
  • Installation of 33 new tube wells, rehabilitation of 68 tube wells, and reconciliation of PESCO Tube Wells Bills (42 Million)
  • Regularization of 9053 illegal water connection

CHECK WSSP Bill Online

Here is the link to check WSSP bill. Only customer ID will be required to access.

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