PTCL Smart TV Wireless setup Guide

The PTCL Smart TV is a widely used TV service in Pakistan. It is considered the first alternative to the cable network. The channels are of better quality than cable and it works with the broadband internet.
SmartTV box is set up with the internet router. The Lan wire is used for the connection. The box is then connected with the Television set with the HDMI cable.
The whole setup has to be wired.

How to use PTCL Smart TV wirelessly?

The whole wired setup can be replaced by a clean wireless setup. The only thing you need is a second router. Any router with a capability of Wifi can work. I recommend you to go for Tplink router. It will cost you around RS.1200.


  • Set the router#2 by accessing its admin page. The access page detail can be found at the back of the router. It’s mostly or
  • Find the DHCP setting and disabled it.
  • Find the Wireless Bridge setting and enabled it. Select the main router(PTCL router) wifi connection name and use its password for wireless bridge setup.
  • Find IP address setting and change the default setting to From now on you will access the rounter#2 admin page from the
  • Save the setting and restart the router.

That’s all.
Enjoy the wireless Smart TV setup and shift your Television set anywhere you want.

Feel free to comment below for any question.

Updated: August 21, 2019 — 5:21 pm

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