Guide: How to disconnect the PTCL connection?

Have you ever gone through the experience of disconnecting your PTCL connection? If not then this guide will help you with that.

Getting the PTCL connection for the internet, smart TV, or landline, the process is easy. It just requires you to dial the PTCL helpline number or submit the connection form on the official website. But for disconnection, the process is not that easy. There are few things you keep in mind because in hurry you may delay the disconnection process resulting in load-up arrears charges.

Things Required

  1. Application

This is essential if someone else other than the connection owner is visiting the PTCL office for disconnection. They will need the application form address to “PTCL business Manager”. You can download the sample from the following link:

Download Application Sample

2. ID Copies

Owner National Identity Card Copies are required and will be attached to the application form.

3. Router

You have to submit the router installed with your connection. The power adapter should also be given back.


  • Visit a nearby PTCL office with the router, ID copies, and Application form(If required).
  • The officer will ask you the reason why you want to disconnect the connection?. This question is just asked to fill up the feedback form.
  • Officer will tell you about the remaining charges, which you have to pay right on the spot.
  • After taking all the required items from you, the officer will himself fill a new form.
  • After completing the form, the PTCL officer will give you the receipt of the new form.

Done. It will take about 24-72 hours to process your application.

Note: The receiving receipt you be kept safely for claim in case of any issue at the end of PTCL.

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