K Electric Duplicate Bill

K Electric Duplicate Bill

Users can generate the K Electric Duplicate bill by clicking on the link below. Only subscribed K electric users with the account number can use this service.

Over one hundred years, Karachi has been powered by K-Electric (KE). It supplies power to all residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural areas – spanning across 6,500 square kilometers that fall under the city’s zone and even beyond.

It serves across 2.5 million customers in Karachi, Dhabeji & Gharo in Sindh; and Uthal, Vinder, and Bela in Balochistan.

KE manages all three key areas of power utility – Generation, Transmission, and Distribution – of producing and delivering energy to consumers. That’s why KE is the only vertically-integrated power station in Pakistan.

K-Electric’s transformation is a world’s known success story in terms of business excellence. In 2009, the majority shareholder of KE – KES Power Limited – put into investments of over USD 2.1 billion. It buds up in 1,057 MW being added to the company’s generation capacity. Eventually, Transmission & Distribution capacity has been grown by approximately 29% and 60% respectively, and a 15.5% point minimization in Transmission & Distribution losses.

Considering KE’s human resource, it has many success stories with over 11,000 employees in the last 106 years. Work-life balance has equal importance as diversity and inclusion, at KE, and the company also fosters health awareness, benefits, as well as a healthy lifestyle. Across 4000 technically qualified and 7000 outstanding trained employees in KE, impact the lives of 20 million people in Karachi and its surrounding.


Use the button below to log in to the official K-electric duplicate bill page. Account number, consumber and contact details are required to process the K-electric bill.

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